In the latest edition of the CPI, Portugal is criticised for postponing the abolition of the “controversial program”, as well as for having launched the National Anti-Corruption Strategy (ENAC) “without guidelines or a monitoring plan”, considering that the application of measures anti-corruption in the country is “weak” and “slow”.

“The national results of the 2022 Corruption Perception Index reflect, in line with those of previous years, a weak and stagnant anti-corruption fight, with perceived levels of increased risk of corruption and, likewise, a lack of transparency and control in the defense sector and national security”, says Nuno Cunha Rolo, president of TI's representative in Portugal.

In the latter case, the global anti-corruption coalition considers that the defense sector needs greater transparency and oversight, noting that “secret procurement processes and insufficient financial transparency practices weaken safeguards against corruption in national defense institutions”.

In the index relative to last year, Portugal is evaluated in the group of countries of Western Europe and the European Union and obtains 62 points, with a classification from 0 (perceived as very corrupt) to 100 (very transparent).

Portugal maintains its 2021 score and remains below the average for its region (66 points), but drops one place from 32nd to 33rd.

With the same number of points and in the same position is Lithuania, after Israel and South Korea (both with 63 points) and before Botswana (60 points).

Nuno Cunha Rolo considers that Portugal’s results “result from the continued inability of successive governments and rulers to perceive the immense wealth of open, transparent, participatory and honest anti-corruption leaders and policies, both in the political and administrative system, as well as in the sectors of the economy and society".

“They all contribute greatly to a fairer, safer, more peaceful, inclusive and developed country” and “the recent cases that are happening in the media at a dizzying pace, are largely due to the lack of political will and vision – in the Government and in parliament - in terms of anti-corruption, transparency and integrity”, he adds.

Transparência Internacional Portugal says that it had already warned of “the shortcomings” of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy, namely “for ignoring practically entirely the issue of political corruption”.

The CPI 2022 reveals that the region that Portugal is part of is again the one with the best score (66 out of 100), but warns that “progress has stagnated in most of the countries” that comprise it and that “the change in the security scenario, since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine and an impending recession require robust responses from governments”.

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