Young people over 12 years old who apply over the next couple of days, through the portal available at, will be vaccinated on two weekends: 21 and 22 August and 28 to 29 August. According to task-force, those who receive the first dose on the first available weekend, return for the second dose on 11 and 12 September and the rest on the following weekend, on 18 and 19 September.

By 19 September, the process should be completed, according to the calendar released on 11 August by the task-force which coordinates the vaccination process against Covid-19. “We have a plan, a calendar schedule, which was designed so that the teenagers were vaccinated before the start of the school season”, said the coordinator of the 'task force' responsible for the vaccination plan against Covid-19 in statements to SIC.

In the same note, the task force said that self-scheduling for users aged 18 years and over will become available again from 15 August. For this age group, the “Open House” method has also been available since Tuesday, which does not require appointments, but requires getting first an electronic password.

Portugal already has 62 percent of the population with complete vaccination against Covid-19 and 71 percent with at least one dose administered, with those over 65 years of age almost fully vaccinated.

The most recent DGS vaccination report against Covid-19 counts 7,330,505 residents in Portugal (71 percent) with at least one dose of vaccine administered and 6,403,987 people (62 percent) with complete vaccination.