Alcochete, in the district of Setúbal, is the municipality where there are more residents who have average monthly earnings higher than the national average, which currently stands at €1,247, according to data released by the National Statistics Institute (INE) and reported by idealista/news.

“(…) In 154 (50%) of the 308 municipalities, the average monthly earnings of full-time employees with full pay were, in 2020, less than €1,000”.

According to INE, of the 23 municipalities with average monthly earnings above the national average (€1,247), 11 are located in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, with emphasis on Alcochete (€2,020), Oeiras (€1,840) and Lisbon (€1,703).

Other areas of the country with above-average earnings are:

  • 3 municipalities in the Porto Metropolitan Area – Porto (1,498 euros), Matosinhos (1,388 euros), and Maia (1,298 euros);
  • 5 municipalities in the Centre region – Vila Velha de Ródão (1,367 euros), Marinha Grande (1,330 euros), Estarreja (1,297 euros), Aveiro (1,286 euros) and Constância (1,282 euros);
  • 3 municipalities in Alentejo – Castro Verde (1,941 euros), Sines (1,861 euros) and Campo Maior (1,324 euros);
  • 1 municipality in the Autonomous Region of the Azores – Vila do Porto (1,779 euros).