According to data published by consultancy firm Iberinform: "Insolvencies dropped by 14.5% in October, compared to the same month last year, reaching a total of 388 insolvencies, 66 less than in 2021", he indicated, stressing that "in the total of the year, there is an overall value of 3,325 insolvencies, minus 579, which translates to a decrease of 14.8% in the annual comparison".

According to the company, "by type of actions, until the end of October this year, the insolvency declarations required by third parties decreased by 19.7% (less 146 requests), while the insolvency presentations by the companies themselves decreased by 21.4% compared to 2021 (166 less companies)".

At the same time, "closure proceedings with an insolvency plan also dropped, in this case by 5.1% compared to 2021", with "2,080 companies declaring insolvency (total of cases), 265 fewer than last year".

The consultant also informed that "by activities, there is an increase of 27.3% in insolvencies in the electricity, gas and water sector, while transport maintains the same position as in 2021 (total of 151 insolvencies). All other sectors show negative variations".