A time to look forward to, perhaps to look back at the past year. Whatever, whenever! APAA’s Pop-Up list grows, as the season approaches. For some it is 25th of December. For others, just a day to relax and enjoy. For the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, it’s a time, for preparation, rolling up sleeves. SNiP is APAA’s programme which drives them onwards and upwards! Spaying and Neutering animals. “There are many ways we can raise money.” Jenny Clarke, President beams. “But the best. has got to be. our ‘Pop-Ups’, we have a longer list this year!” So, they have. Pen at the Ready!

‘Holiday Inn’ Armação da Perá Tuesday 15 November 11-2pm. Special Christmas Fayre table, preserves, jams, chutneys and shortbread cookies. Yum! Cards, wreathes and 2023 calendar a SNiP at 6€. Education toys still in their boxes. Beautiful handmade pristine Portuguese glassware. Wow! Lounge about in their bar with wonderful panoramic views. Anita and Jenny will be more than pleased to meet you, explain how their SNiP for animals and re-homing works.

If you can’t make it then there’s another venue lurking around the corner. ‘Bacchus Bar’ EN125 Porches, Monday 21st November 11-1pm. All the Christmas items you need, and more! ‘O Tasco’ Senhora do Verde, Friday 2nd December 12-3pm. That special date is creeping up. Another reason to get stocking fillers and treats for everyone. And, yourself of course.