There's sunlight; you're close to the ocean, fabulous food, and enough wine and cheese to keep you happy.

But something is not quite right.

You want more!

You want to integrate, immerse and interact with the friendly locals. You want to make contact easily and truly connect with people. You hope to become part of the community, perhaps even aspire to build community. After all, Portugal is now your home.

But how do you achieve all that?

Suddenly a lightbulb moment - the missing piece - the LANGUAGE!

You don't want to rely on others, even though you appreciate the kindness and promptness that help you in moments of need and confusion. You can't stand the thought of feeling left out at yet another event or that you might forever be an outsider in this country you call home. And, as an outsider, it is no surprise that sometimes you may feel foolish, awkward, or even stupid.

You've had enough of constantly translating, of feeling stuck. So many people go out of their way to accommodate your lack of language it is so embarrassing. You don't want the frustration of going into another shop, finding you don't know how to say what you want, and settling for the next best thing.

But you know what you want. You want to speak without hesitation, without thinking everything through, having easy conversations. Ultimately, to understand and be understood. It's that simple, isn't it?

If only it were possible to feel comfortable and confident in Portuguese.

It is, now. You can express yourself without limits. The Language Unschool offers an online program specific to European Portuguese with a fresh take on language learning. Here you will find guidance, accountability, and a safe space to practice. You will finally see the progress you deserve (if you do the work).

Are you ready to find your voice in Portuguese and feel at home in Portugal?

Get a taste of learning Portuguese using an alternative approach. Join me in my Free webinar 'Get to Grips with European Portuguese' where I will share:

- What makes Portuguese seem hard to learn, even for speakers of other Romance languages

- Why you should focus on listening first (I’ll introduce you to the Queen of Portuguese)

- How to find grammatical patterns in native content and the necessary shortcuts to simplify the process of learning grammar

- How to discover if the unschooling approach suits you

- And yes, how you can join The Language Unschool if you need help with your Portuguese?

The details are here:

Tuesday, 13th December 2022, 4 pm (Lisbon time)

Register here:

See you there, até lá!