A source from the Metropolitan Command of the PSP in Lisbon explained that a taxi went into the river after having lost its way on Rua 25 de Abril, next to the Frielas bridge, in the municipality of Odivelas, and that a police officer managed to rescue the occupant.

“The PSP agent managed to pull the occupant out of the water after he got out of the taxi and found himself clinging to a tree. However, he was no longer able to save the taxi driver. When the firefighters arrived, he was no longer inside the vehicle”, said the same source.

According to the source, there was a second situation, after the road was already closed, with another vehicle that also fell into the stream, and its driver was arrested after being rescued, for being drunk.

The alert for the accident, according to a source from the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, was given at 02:38 am, for a car accident, which resulted in one missing person and one slightly injured person.

This morning, firefighters from Odivelas and Pontinha, in addition to the PSP, are at the site.