Cube stone seats, made out of granite from Wicklow, have been placed in six national parks as part of a collaboration between artist Frank Corry and sculptor Richard Healy.

The project has been called “Suí” which means “sit”

"The idea of the Suí project is to place permanent granite seats in locations within the national parks, with a view to allowing people to go and spend a few moments immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the various environments.

"It's almost that nobody gives you permission to take a bit of time away to yourself, just to go and sit down in the quietness and calmness for a little while," Corry told RTE.

He added: "The project is very much of its time. Like everybody else, we've had conversation since Covid, which we might not normally have had quite so openly. So there is this awareness that you are here now, here in the moment. And having that time, that pause, is something we can probably all use a bit more of”.