Nitrous oxide seized in Albufeira

Por TPN, in Noticias, Algarve, Crimen · 26-05-2021 18:37:00 · 0 Comentarios

GNR in Albufeira, yesterday, May 25, seized a bottle of nitrous oxide.

During a regular patrol a GNR officer noticed several rubber balloons scattered on the floor next to a nightlife establishment in the city. Police investigations were immediately initiated to ascertain the origin of the balloons, since they are associated with the illicit use of nitrous oxide. Following the action, the establishment was inspected and a bottle of nitrous oxide was detected inside that would have been used for inhalation by the users of the establishment.

A man was identified and an administrative order was prepared and the gas cylinder was apprehended.

The National Republican Guard recalls that nitrous oxide is a prescription drug and is intended for therapeutic use in hospitals.

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