Self-scheduling vaccinations for over 45s now available

Por TPN/Lusa, in Noticias, COVID-19, Salud y medio ambiente · 04-06-2021 18:20:00 · 0 Comentarios

The self-scheduling system for the vaccine against Covid-19 is now available for people over 45 years of age, said a source from the 'task force' responsible for the vaccination plan.

According to the same source, who spoke to Lusa, given the "good pace" at which the process has been taking place, "whoever proposes to self-schedule will have a vacancy as of June 14".

The availability of this tool for people over 45 years old follows the calendar established by the task force, which also foresees that from the next 20th it will be possible to self-schedule for people aged between 30 and 39 years old.

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