I agree with Jay stating that the government, like many governments in the world do not pay enough attention to our children.

Jamming a stick up through the nose to your sinus which connects with your brains was a punishments 2,000 years ago in Egypt. Now, instead of taking some spit from the mouth for a Covid test which is 90% of the time false positive (if you had an egg or if you had flu 3 years ago the test will show positive) they are jamming a stick through the nose up to the brains of little children.

One of the substances on the stick which is supposed to disinfect the stick is known to cause cancer and the child's survival rate of Covid-19 is sky high.

Children are not dying of Covid-19 but should be tested so many times? Can anybody explain to me why?

To Mr. John Miller and Mr. Paul O´Byrne I just would say, be happy that you were not able to take the jab. At the moment there are more people arriving at hospitals with severe adverse reactions after the jab than people with Covid, not to speak about the thousands of people who died already after taking the jab.

Martin, Silves.
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