The initiative marks “the official creation of Aliança, an organization that will focus on raising the level of cooperation in the field of Portuguese language teaching in China,” according to a statement from the University of Macau (UM).

The universities will “develop cooperation in the training of quality professionals, student recruitment and future employment, scientific research, collaborative innovation and social services, among other areas”, he added.

UM's vice-rector, Rui Martins, underlined that the university alliance will "fully play its role as a bridge between China and Portuguese-speaking countries", with the aim of deepening cooperation in the field of Portuguese teaching .

The non-profit organization was proposed by UM and will seek to leverage the advantages of each of the institutions "in the fields of teaching and scientific research in the Portuguese language, fostering the sharing and joint production of resources, and promoting deeper cooperation between members in the training of qualified staff and in scientific-technological innovation”, indicated the same note.