The detainee is suspected, in co-authorship, of the crime of murder, in the attempted form, one of offense to physical integrity and another of possession of a prohibited weapon.

"The Judiciary Police, through the Criminal Investigation Department of Setúbal, in compliance with the Arrest Warrant issued by the competent judicial authority, identified, located and detained, outside the act of committing a crime, a 31-year-old woman, because of strong evidence of the practice, in co-authorship, of a crime of homicide, in the attempted form, a crime of offense to physical integrity and a crime of possession of a prohibited weapon", says the PJ in a statement.

According to this note, the woman gave her husband - who is in preventive detention - a firearm that she carried in her bag, and then followed behind another couple who circulated in space and "with whom they had old disagreements".

"After meeting, the husband of the detainee fired a firearm in the direction of the couple, causing injuries to a child who was in the shopping centre", says the PJ.

It is recalled that a 5-year-old girl was shot in the knee during the incident.

After the shooting, the man "went on the run and was later intercepted by the PSP".