SNPVAC informs that it decided not to schedule a strike over the Christmas period, considering that it would directly affect the Portuguese diaspora who take advantage of this Christmas season to visit their families and loved ones, as well as the Portuguese who travel on these days to visit their relatives abroad”, says the union in a statement.

“All passengers, without exception, deserve all our respect and all our professionalism. However, we cannot fail to be in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of our compatriots who, due to the most diverse circumstances, were forced to emigrate to improve their living conditions. We take the opportunity to inform you that until the next 27th of December, inclusive, there will not be any day of the strike”, they add.

On the 6th of December, the SNPVAC confirmed in a general meeting the strike on the 8th and 9th and approved a minimum of five other days to be scheduled by the end of January. The statement does not indicate when the stoppage could be, only that the dates will be “communicated to members 24 hours before the entry of the strike notice”.

According to the airline, the strike on December 8 and 9 forced the cancellation of 360 flights, with a negative impact on revenues of 8 million euros.