Forecasts point to an increase of 5.5 cents in the case of petrol and around one cent in the case of diesel, according to SIC Notícias.

On Thursday, the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro, ruled out a sudden reduction in the exemption from paying the carbon tax, stating that the Government is "working towards a gradual progressive solution".

We are not going to adopt a measure identical to the one adopted in Spain. In Portugal, we are working towards a gradual solution, progressively reducing the exemption from paying the carbon tax, so it will not be on the same terms", guaranteed the minister at a press conference on energy prices for 2023.

The Spanish executive announced this week the end of support of 20 cents per litre on the retail price of fuel.

The Portuguese Minister for the Environment noted that work is currently underway with the Ministry of Finance to achieve this variation.