According to the bulletin, there was a "significant decrease in the situation of meteorological drought, ending in practically the entire territory" of the mainland, where only 6.5% was in drought on December 31, but weak, corresponding to "some places in the interior South ".

The IPMA climate report, which is published monthly and covers only mainland Portugal, states that last December was "very rainy and extremely hot", having been the hottest December in the last 92 years.

According to the IPMA, the average value of the maximum air temperature was 15.87ºC and the minimum 9.58ºC, both above normal.

In December it rained 250.4 millimetres, equivalent to 174% of the normal value, being the second highest value for the month since 2000 (in which 311.5 millimetres fell on the continent).

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere recorded a "very significant increase in the percentage of water in the soil".

However, the water retention capacity is lower "in some places in Baixo Alentejo and Algarve and partly in Alto Alentejo".