Bobi who lives in Conqueiros, Leiria, was born on May 11, 1992, and is 30 years and 243 days old, according to CNN Portugal.

He has broken the record which was previously held by Bluey, an Australian dog who lived between 1910 and 1939 and died aged 29 years and five months.

Leonel Costa, Bobi's current owner, was only 8 when the dog was born and believes that the secret of Bobi's longevity lies in the fact that the animal lives in freedom, without being tied to chains or leashes, and is well-fed and loved.

Bobi is described as being "very sociable" as he grew up with other animals.

Bobi's date of birth was confirmed by the municipal services of Leiria and also by the Companion Animal Information System (SIAC).