The most efficient comfort for your home. In combination with any of the renewable energy systems, you will have an integrated solution with high energy efficiency.

  • Perfect integration or adaptation with other systems;
  • Personalized solutions;
  • Healthier;
  • Maximum savings;
  • High energy efficiency integral system;
  • Wide range of systems.

Especially when you’re comparing other heating & cooling options, a hydraulic system is, without a doubt, the most efficient, offering a high level of comfort, with lower energy consumption.

If you already have an underfloor heating/cooling system we can transform it to be greener, while easing your energy bills.
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This system is…

  • Economic. Energy consumption with a system of underfloor heating & cooling is much lower than other systems, that to maintain an ambient temperature of 20ºC only the water is heated to 30-40ºC. With systems by electric radiators, it is necessary to raise the temperature of the fluid to 70-80ºC to reach the same room temperature.
  • Healthy. This is the only recommended system by the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Comfortable. Adjusts to the ideal temperature profile of the human body, providing maximum comfort both in heating and cooling periods.
  • Integrable. With any type of coating floor (wood, marble, ceramic, etc.)
  • Invisible. You don’t see it, you just feel the comfort.
  • Additional insulation. Its installation provides additional insulation of the pavement, improving the thermal and acoustic conditions of the dwelling.


The same underfloor heating installation can be used to refresh the environment in the hottest seasons. The hydraulic underfloor system pushes water at a temperature around 12-18ºC, which absorbs excess heat from the room, providing a pleasant feeling of freshness.


During the heating period, the hydraulic underfloor system impels water at a low temperature (30-40ºC). The piping circuits, which are in direct contact with the mortar, give it its heat, which in turn it heats the floor, obtaining a pleasant ambient temperature.

The heat is emitted by radiation, which provides an incomparable feeling of comfort since the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room.

Casa Verde offers you:

Customized solutions
Due to multiple options that hydraulic underfloor heating & cooling system offer, adapting to any need, guaranteeing your maximum well-being.

Total guarantee of operation
Our hydraulic underfloor & cooling systems are made of the highest quality materials, complying with the different regulations established to ensure correct functioning over time.

Maximum savings
Compared with other conventional systems, that achieve savings of 20 to 30%, when combined with solar (photovoltaic) systems, can reach 75-80%.

High-efficiency integral system energy
Combined with a photovoltaic system the home will have an integral system, with heating and cooling, as well as domestic hot water production.

Casa Verde recommends:

Lower the running costs of this system by connecting it to a solar thermal energy source. This adaptation means that the hot water that it’s in your hydraulic underfloor system, is being heated up by the sun – FREE energy.

What about the running costs?

Hydraulic underfloor heating & cooling can offer substantially lower running costs compared to traditional central heating or cooling. This is because underfloor systems offer much quicker heat/cool-up times than central-heating-based systems whist also running at lower temperatures yet still producing the same level of warmth in the room.

Running costs can vary depending on your home’s design, how well insulated it is, what energy tariff you are on, and how you control and monitor your home’s heating & cooling system.

If you’re looking for more information and advice on hydraulic underfloor heating & cooling to control your indoor temperature, all-year-round, Casa Verde has various options for you. It doesn’t matter if your room is small or large, there’s always an option to cater to your needs. Casa Verde can provide you a proper technical survey of your home, to analyse which option is the best for you.

Let our specialist team advise and guide on the right solution.

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