"Yes, the citizen card is valid until the end of the year. The information is that there has been no problem in travelling with this card which, in fact, is not expired because the Portuguese government decided to extend the validity," Berta Nunes told Lusa, during a visit to the Portuguese community.

The Secretary of State said that "the British authorities have been informed and it is not known that there has been any problem so far”.

The Portuguese government has extended until 31 December the admissibility of the citizen's card due to the limitations on public services caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

This decision does not apply to the passport, whose validity has not been extended.

Since the reopening on Monday, 17 May, by the British government of international travel for non-essential reasons and the inclusion of Portugal in the 'green list', which exempts compliance with quarantine on return to the United Kingdom, many Portuguese have sought information about the possibility of travelling with expired documents.

The Secretary of State also reiterated the information that the British government last week facilitated the application process for the EU Settlement Scheme, by accepting expired identity cards in the digital process.

Whereas previously you had to request a paper form to apply with an expired citizen's card, now you can do it over the internet and then mail in the document for certification.

In both cases, of travel and the application for resident status, the Secretary of State recommended the use of the declaration available on the London consulate's website.

This measure was taken to relieve the pressure on European consulates affected by the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic and to allow maximum applications by the deadline, 30 June.

The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities fulfils the second of a three-day visit to the United Kingdom, which essentially aims to assess the situation of emigrants regarding the resident status and contact the community, one of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The governor visited several commercial and cultural establishments in 'Little Portugal', in the Stockwell neighbourhood, south of London, and met with members of the Portuguese community.

She also gave an interview to RTV Lusa radio, in which she encouraged immigrants in the United Kingdom to take advantage of the "green corridor" and visit Portugal because "they are always welcome.

He also left a "message of hope" regarding the 'Brexit', as the anguish and uncertainty of the impact of the process on the community have been overcome because "there has been an agreement"

"You only need a visa for those coming from Portugal to work. If you come to work, you need to bring a residence visa and a contract", reminded Berta Nunes, regarding the new UK immigration rules.