With a career spanning 40 years which includes working in the London publishing industry, international print production sales, hospitality and real estate sales in the UK and Portugal, Ann Laws has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She feels the time is right to embark on an on-line property business with a difference – sales commission at a maximum of 2.5 percent.

As Portugal emerges from the clutches of a pandemic that brought about enforced lockdown and concentrated the minds of many people globally, she senses a new dawning as people have taken time to focus on the elements that are important in their lives. With worldwide restrictions on physical movement, the true value of liberty, a most precious commodity, has been put under the magnifying glass. Companies have been forced to re-evaluate how they structure the operation of their business as the advent of working from home became the only option. For many it has highlighted this new way of working as time saving, viable, economically advantageous and a step in the right direction to an improved carbon footprint. Technology has introduced a new and better way to work and communicate.

Ann has chosen to launch her business on the internet as there are so many marketing tools available to reach a worldwide audience. Instead of investing in a high street property with all the incumbent expenses, she has chosen to invest significantly in her website which is being created by one of the industry’s leading web developers. Most people go to the internet to search for information or to make a purchase – it is the new global high street.

Laws Property Portugal understands that the customer is king. Attentive service, a detailed knowledge of the marketplace and listening to a client’s requirement must be at the core of any successful business. It is Ann’s professionalism and a belief that these are the elements, along with hard work and commitment, that have brought her success in the past. Add into the mix a highly competitive sales commission allowing vendors greater flexibility in the marketing of their property and it’s a win-win situation for all.

Ann Laws is enthusiastic and her positive energy is tangible. The message is clear – let’s talk, work with Laws Property Portugal and all parties will win. There is a deal out there waiting to be closed!

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