According to data from the DGS, five municipalities – Alvito, Avis, Corvo, Gavião and Góis – have a cumulative 14-day incidence between 480 and 959.9 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, the second level of the seven defined by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

On the level below, with an incidence between 240 and 479.9 cases of infection, are the municipalities of Calheta, Santa Cruz da Graciosa and Velas, all in the Azores.

All the others are at the maximum level - above 960 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants -, with emphasis on the municipalities of the autonomous region of Madeira de Câmara de Lobos (8,520), Funchal (7,758) and Porto Moniz (6,445).

In the opposite direction, with the lowest cumulative incidence in the country, is the municipality of Velas, with 276 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in 14 days.

In relation to last Friday, the number of municipalities that passed to the highest level of incidence rose from 282 to the current 300.