According to preliminary data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) "in the year 2022 as a whole (preliminary data), tourist accommodation establishments recorded 26.5 million guests and 69.5 million overnight stays, which translated into increases of 83. 3% and 86.3% (+38.6% and +44.7% in 2021, respectively)".

Compared with 2019, before the pandemic, guests decreased by 2.3%, and overnight stays decreased by 0.9% (+8.6% in residents and -5.0% in non-residents).

In 2022, there were increases in overnight stays from residents in all regions, compared to 2019.

In terms of overnight stays from non-residents, the main increases were seen in the Azores (+5.1%), Madeira (+4.5%), and the North (+4.3%) and, on the other hand, the sharpest decreases were observed in if in the Center (-13.1%) and Algarve (-11.3%).

Outbound market

The United Kingdom remained the main outbound market in 2022, accounting for 19.3% of overnight stays from non-residents, almost tripling compared to 2021 (+191.9%; -4.0% compared to 2019). The German (11.5%), Spanish (10.8%), and French (9.3%) markets followed, but the highest growth was recorded in the North American market (7.5% weight) which increased by 327.4% (+26.9% compared to 2019).

In an analysis for the month of December, INE noted that tourist accommodation registered 1.6 million guests and 3.7 million overnight stays, which correspond to year-on-year increases of 44.2% and 44.6%, respectively.

Compared to December 2019, the number of guests grew by 1.9%, and overnight stays increased by 5.5%.

In the last month of the year, the internal market contributed with 1.4 million overnight stays and increased by 28.3%, while the external markets totalled 2.3 million overnight stays, which represents a growth of 57.1%.

Compared to December 2019, there were increases of 11.4% in overnight stays from residents and 2.1% from non-residents.

In December, 32.5% of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or did not register guests, compared to 32.7% in November.