With regard to its weekly operational activity, the GNR registered 620 detainees in flagrante delicto, of which "240 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 171 for driving without a legal license, 57 for theft and robbery, 28 for drug trafficking, 12 for domestic violence and 10 for illegal possession of weapons".

In a statement, they report that various types of drugs were seized, such as "2,473 doses of hashish, 365.8 doses of MDMA, 222 MDMA pills, 62 doses of heroin, 73.55 doses of cocaine, 75 doses of marijuana, 154.4 hallucinogenic mushrooms and eight amphetamines".

With regard to traffic inspection, the GNR detected 9,421 violations during this period. Of note are "1,849 speeding, 752 due to lack of mandatory periodical inspection, 429 due to missing or incorrect use of seat belts and/or child restraint systems, 427 related to anomalies in lighting and signalling systems, 370 for driving with a blood alcohol level higher than that permitted by law, 339 for lack of civil liability insurance, 306 for improper use of the cell phone while driving and 273 related to tachographs".