The price increase of around 10% this year is necessary to face the “increase in costs”. The value of cocoa did not have “relevant variations”, but, in the field of raw materials, it was the price of sugar that had “the greatest expression”, growing “almost 100%”.

In 2022, the number of sales rose and the price of chocolate increased by 3%, says Bruno Martiniano to Jornal de Negócios. But, “in terms of profitability”, last year “was a very challenging year”, since the costs of chocolate production accounts for 30% of the total invoice.

The Portuguese chocolate market is worth, in direct retail, 250 million euros, with sales of around 15 thousand tons. Nestlé Portugal sells 14 brands, which usually represents around 35 million euros in the national market. Portugal is a “small” market, but with “great growth potential”, says the official. This is because per capita consumption is between 1.6 and 1.7 kilos per year, while in Spain, for example, it is more than double.