At the "Local Power, PRR and Decentralization" conference in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the Porto district, the two mayors considered that TAP "does not serve the country", and the effort required from the Portuguese was "revolting".

“TAP is a remnant of a colonial company, it is nothing more. It doesn't serve us here [North]”, said Rui Moreira.

In the mayor's opinion, the air carrier is a "disaster and will continue to be a disaster", questioning why Portugal has invested 3.2 billion euros in the company.

Carlos Moedas also classified TAP as a “total shame” and a “sad episode” for the country.

“TAP is a total disgrace, it shows that it is not just a question of being a government totally leaning on the left, but of total disorientation”, he said.

For the social democrat, “it is revolting” for all Portuguese “the effort” that was made.

Moedas also underlined the need to move towards a new airport in Lisbon to achieve “more and better tourism”.

“If we want more talent and more and better tourism, we must have a new airport now”, underlined the official, adding that he will address the issue with the PS Government.

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