According to the GNR, which jointly coordinated the initiative with the PSP and the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR), a total of 2,763,415 vehicles were monitored during this period on radars, with 16,154 registering speeding offenses in the country.

The vast majority of vehicles were inspected at the ANSR speed controls, with 2,352,713 vehicles, while the GNR monitored 269,343 and the PSP controlled 141,359.

During this period, 2,501 accidents were recorded, which resulted in eight deaths (all male), 40 serious injuries and 738 minor injuries.

Compared to the same period of 2022, the data show an increase in the number of accidents (279 more) and minor injuries (131 more), with only a decrease in the number of deaths (three less) and serious injuries (three less).

The GNR statement also clarifies that the eight accidents which resulted in fatalities took place in the districts of Braga (2), Lisbon (2), Faro (2), Coimbra and Santarém. At the origin of these accidents were one being run over, four collisions, two motorcycles skidding and a light vehicle on a curve.

As part of the 2023 National Inspection Plan, the campaign aimed to “alert drivers to the risks of driving too fast, as this is one of the main causes of road accidents”.