In a statement, GNR explained that after an alert for a forest fire in Montalegre, in the district of Vila Real, elements of the Environmental Protection Nucleus (NPA) of Chaves "immediately moved to the site, where they found that the fire started with an unauthorized bonfire that got out of control”.

“During the police investigations, it was possible to identify the suspect”, a 60-year-old man, said police

The Territorial Command of the GNR of Vila Real also revealed that the facts were referred to the Judicial Court of Montalegre.

In the statement, the GNR also highlighted that “the protection of people and goods, in the context of rural fires, continues to be one of the priorities”.

And they recalled that "at any time of the year, it is prohibited to burn chopped and piled up bushes and any type of forest or agricultural exploitation leftovers without requesting authorization or making prior notice" and that "burning is only allowed after authorization from the municipality or the parish and lacks the monitoring of an accredited technician in controlled fire”.

“To avoid accidents, follow the safety rules, always be followed and take your cell phone with you”, he warned.