Having been in the real estate market for 10 years, Retraite Dorée Au Portugal arises from the expansion of the activity of the parent civil construction company, forming together, with other complementary activities, the Grupo Empresarial PalSul.

Palmeiras do Sul Construções was founded in 2003 by the Managing Partner and Portuguese descendant of Franco Portuguese Cláudio Abrantes, when he decided to move to his parents' country of origin, and a new land of opportunity, Portugal.

Always with a strong connection to France, his home country, it was natural that, following the measures taken by the Portuguese Government to attract foreign investment, offering several advantages to those who chose Portugal as their main address, the Real Estate Mediation aspect emerged as a response to the growing demand from their French compatriots to acquire land for construction, as well as new houses and apartments for remodelling.


With this, the aspect of legal support was also developed in partnership with a specialised law firm.

Portugal and more specifically the Algarve region, in recent years has been awarded the most diverse awards linked to the tourism industry, attracting year after year more and more investment and foreign visitors.

"Quinta da Baticova Lda", property management for tourist rental properties under Local Accommodation, appears as a partner of the PalSul business group, making economically viable many of the real estate investments that have been carried out by its clients.

Supporting both the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of buildings, "Portijanelas" is also active in the sale and installation of high energy efficiency PVC and thermal break aluminium closing systems.

“Over the years we have developed our network of partnerships with some of the best real estate agents across the Algarve region, which has strengthened a standard of seriousness in our provision of real estate services. We always seek to efficiently bring good deals, thus providing peace of mind to our customers”.

The evolution of the PalSul business group, together with its partnerships, allows the creation of solutions tailored to the needs of each individual client, developing a turnkey concept, which can range from the search and purchase of land or housing, Preparation of Projects (Architecture and Civil Engineering) and construction or remodelling, upon delivery of the property.

Our team is formed by experienced professionals, with vast knowledge in the real estate market who, having a fully computerised system, can easily suggest the best alternatives, benefiting from greater agility in research and adapting the property to the client's profile and requests.

Visit the new store in Portimão to find out more or alternatively, visit:

www.palsul.com , www.retraiteimmobillierportugal.fr , www.retraitedoreportugal.fr , www.portijanelas.com , www.vacationsinalgarve.com