Jenny, President of APAA, explained. “Christiane became alarmed, a small group of cats had moved off an urbanisation onto new territory, leaving behind a young male cat.” For some reason or another, it had got left behind. Jenny continues. “It was temporarily homed in the Gatil at Portimão. Judy in England offered to adopt him. I took the kitten in until she returned.” So everything seemed to be going kitty’s way. ‘Suber’ as Judy named him, went for his SNiP appointment. Everything was fine until ‘Suber’ developed a fever. The vet’s tests showed positive, for deadly ‘feline’ parvovirus, and given a 50/50 chance of recovering. Sadly, little ‘Suber’ didn’t pull through.

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His three ‘mummies’ are devastated. This feline-PV is prevalent at the moment. So, be on guard. Ensure your cats are screened if they look unwell, or behaving out of character. Fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, and collapse are major symptoms. Don’t wait to call the vet immediately. Isolate them from other household pets. Paws for thought – Brave little ‘Suber’ and his three mums!

The New Year, 2023, will bring all sorts of decisions for APAA. They hold regular ‘Pop-Up’ Shops on the Algarve, with other special events raising money for the animal charity. The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, have a few hard-working members who know that an extra pair of willing hands are always at the top of their ‘Wish For’ list.

The support from their buying public and adopting membership is always a gift from heaven. “Just as you think your well is running dry someone pops up to help!” Jenny, President of APAA says. “We need homes for at least two of our older doggies ‘Lilley’, Dusty’, and young ‘Rafa’ at Pet Park.” Gary and Wendy have had a splendid start to their reign at Pet Park. “Christmas was colossal!” Gary beams. “At least 70% of our guests were new borders, the rest regular guests. A great mix.” They are of course hoping that their ‘Away Day’ idea will catch on for this year. “Just arrange for us to pick up the doggy and we will look after and pamper it for the day, whilst the owner goes off to play.

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We can deliver the pet back, or it can be collected at a pre-arranged time.” Wendy thinks it’s a good idea. “Especially for people on their own, who want a day off with friends. Or go to a special event. No worries just leave your favourite friend, here with us, getting the royal treatment.’ Holy Moley! Book me in now. P.S. They do cats too!

Contact Jenny at Pet Park +351 926 660 465