If are you interested in fostering there will certainly be just the one for you to take home and look after on a temporary basis.

Fostering is a commitment. The animal needs a safe and contained environment. Commitment means you take good care of the animal, socialize it, exercise it by regularly walking it on the lead, do some training if you like, make it feel safe and loved; and above all have fun together, while preparing it for adoption.

All that is necessary, such as baskets, blankets, bowls, collars, leads, and food will be provided by the Friends.

If a visit to the vet is needed, consult with Patricia or Monique of the Friends first.

There is no fixed period for fostering. It could be that an animal has been adopted, but is waiting for the (group or individual) transport, which could take up to 6 weeks. But fostering could also take longer while waiting for an adoption to happen. We need your commitment in all those cases.

And, believe me, doing all that is an experience that has its own reward. For the animal and for you!

Are you now longing to start fostering? Easy peasy, make an appointment with Patricia or Monique of Friends of Canil de Portimão to visit the dogs and cats there, walk a dog perhaps, and hopefully find one that you would just love to foster.

All dogs and cats are chipped, neutered, and vaccinated.

You can already get an idea of the dogs and cats at the Canil by visiting the website of the Friends of Canil de Portimão: https://www.friendscanilportimao.com/. To visit them in person and for more information on fostering, send an email to Patricia friendscanilportimao@gmail.com or Monique moniquegieling25@gmail.com.