The way that Portugal has gone from a country that many only considered as a holiday destination 20 years ago to an education powerhouse has earned its praise from other countries and experts.

Professional academic writers like Lauren Bradshaw have also weighed in with an opinion. She said, “Portugal has become the go-to destination for students who come from both English-speaking countries and Portuguese-speaking countries like Brazil, and Angola”. This article by an essay service CustomWritings will look at 7 of the top universities in Portugal.

The University of Porto

This university is up there as one of the best not just in Portugal but in Europe. Its roots go as far back as 1911, and it is considered the ideal place for students who want to study science. On top of science, this amazing university is known to offer over 600 postgraduate and undergraduate programs for both local and international students.

Students who have a degree from this university have gone on to have very good careers in Portugal, their countries of origin if they are foreign students or other countries across the globe. Some students have even credited paper writing services for providing assignments, reports, essays, and dissertation tips that have helped them pass their modules. If you are looking to study in Portugal, the University of Porto should be one of the names on your list.

The University of Aveiro

This university has been making a name for itself in recent years because of its top-quality courses. There is a reason why it is second on the list, it offers students postgraduate and undergraduate programs that focus on cooperation with society as well as research.

It was formed way back in 1973 and even though it is not one of the oldest universities in Portugal, it is a great place for anyone who wants to further their education or learn how to conduct research properly. To give yourself a head start, you can hire an online paper writing serviceto give you some tips. The Portuguese National Science Foundation classified 15 of the 18 types of research done in Aveiro as “Excellent”.

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

This university is known for offering some of the best master’s degree programs in Portugal. Just like the university above, it was also formed in 1973, and it is recognized not just nationally, but internationally too. It is an excellent place to study for a student who specializes in health-related courses.

When a student graduates, the university helps them find a job in the health sector because they know how competitive this field is. Not only do they have campuses in the city of Lisbon, but they also have some in cities such as Cascais, Oeiras, and Almada.

University of Coimbra

Many people find it hard to believe that this university is over 700 years old. It is one of the oldest universities in the country and is known for striking a balance between innovation and tradition. This university hasn’t been left behind despite being over 700 years old, it continues to maintain a high level of academic excellence to this very day.

It offers a wide range of courses which include First Cycle Studies, Integrated Masters, Post-graduate studies, Postdoctoral programs, Non-degree courses, and Top student exchange programs. Choosing to study here, especially if you are an international student exposes you to not just Portuguese culture but other cultures from across the globe.

The experience you get from mixing with different people can only help you become a better person in your career. If you happen to be falling behind in your work because you need more to adapt to the culture, academic writing servicescan help you with your assignments.

Universidade de Lisboa

This is easily one of the most famous universities in Portugal and has been educating the nation for the last 6 centuries. Ever since its fusion with the Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa way back in 2013, it has gone from strength to strength.

It’s a more dynamic place to further your education if you are looking for a successful career in different parts of the world. This university is also known to promote things like societal change, new studies and give students all the tools they need to be a success in any work environment.

Catholic University of Portugal

Formed in 1967, the catholic university of Portugal has gained a good reputation in recent years and this is down to delivering good quality education to students. Students can learn a whole host of life and critical thinking skills to help them better understand the real world and content written by other essay writers. One of the best things about this university is its research center.

The European Union, the Portuguese government, and various other international institutions fund most of the research that is performed at this university. They always get positive feedback every time they conduct research, and they have campuses in Viseu, Braga, Lisbon, and Porto.

Instituto Politecnico do Porto

Last on the list is the Instituto Politecnico do Porto and any students that are a massive fan of culture and want to understand the demands of civil society, this is the place to study. It has over 700 institutions all over the world that offer courses to cater to any student. Even though this university is last on this list, it is certainly highly regarded in Portugal and especially in the city of Porto, which also has several great universities.

If you are an international student looking to study in Portugal, you’ll need to have a good level of English because some universities over there including the ones mentioned in this list do offer English courses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into accounting, management, health, computer science, and more, there is something for everyone. If you ever find yourself struggling to do your assignments on campus, you can always hirean essay writing company. Applying is simple and can be done online however, applications plus supporting documents must be submitted on time. There are three key deadlines anyone who wants to study in Portugal must be aware of, April and May, June and July, and August to September.