This is a trendy restaurant for meat lovers. There is a Butchers shop on the way in and then a dark welcoming place for carnivores.

This is the first restaurant of Francisco Martins, known as Chef Kiko. He is of Portuguese Parentage, spent his formative years in Brazil, but then returned to Portugal.

On the menu is much Uruguayan meat as many aficionados believe that even conquers Argentine and Brazilian meat offerings.

After a delicious couvert with different butters and breads, I went for a Uruguayan Picanha (rump cap) which was presented more like a yakitori than the traditional half wheel on very large Brazilian skewers. The sides were interesting, especially the Gruyère and Thyme potatoes.

Friends swear by the Carpaccio, the ox tail and the Galician ‘wet aged’ entrecote.

Desserts are an interesting version of Brazilian old favourites.

Give this a try; it is an interesting slightly Japanese take on Brazilian old favourites.

O Talho, Rua Carlos Testa 1B , Lisbon. Reserve by their website.