Nowadays their mission is to clear the streets of abandoned animals and operating ‘SNiP’. Their successful, Spaying and Neutering Programme. Housing animals is an expensive exercise. Re-homing animals is time-consuming and needs a lot of effort.

ARA, Animal Rescue Algarve, new in operation for three years or so, pleased to meet with APAA, probably chalking up a mere 34 years or more. Experience versus enthusiasm and a mind-melding mix of common denominators. Animals, protection, rescue and re-homing.

Owner, Sid Richardson, is a welcoming host, together with João Ferreira his General Manager they show the APAA’ers the ARA’s territory. The calm music, idyllic surroundings, beautiful countryside and the sound of human voices mingled with playful woofs, can be heard in the distance. The practical yet, thoughtfully laid out spaces and shelters are proof of the ARA motto ‘Never give up’. Up to 100 dogs and 50 cats can be boarded at any given time. “We have two shops, run by our Louisa Holland. One in Almancil the other in Loulé itself.” Jenny nods. Another common factor, with APAA’s two shops one in Alvor the other in Silves. “We’ve managed to re-home around 2000 animals since we started.” Sid is proud of their achievements. The live-in staff are as contended as their animals. João himself has a small comfortable cabin on site with his own collection of abandoned ones. “The special ones!” He declares. “They are part of the motto, never give up!” The APAA group are truly impressed with the cleanliness of the shelters and surrounding spaces. The commitment given and exuded by ARA’s people. Special people. Another worthwhile charity. Costs galore! Food for thought. Common ground. APAA’s ‘Here to Help’ and ARA’s ‘Never Give Up’.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: APAA;

SNiP APAA’s money raising events and ‘Pop-Ups’ lurk ahead.

The first, Saturday 11th February 10.00am-3.00pm at the beautiful Anglican Church, St Vincent’s in Praia da Luz, hosting ‘second-hand’ event for charity. APAA’s guest-table loaded with electrical, household goods. Fun stuff as well. Be sure to pop-in. Praia da Luz is a coastal village, popular with residents and tourists alike, plenty of cafés and bars to stop and linger and take in the views of the bay.

1st March an unforgettable, special dinner at ‘O Tasco’ Senhora do Verde. Talented Alexey and his guitar will entertain you whilst you enjoy your meal.