According to the Sub-Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command of Beiras and Serra da Estrela, based in Guarda, the snow that fell during the night and early morning led to the closure of five road sections.

At 00:00, traffic was banned on sections 11 (Piornos - Torre), 12 (Torre - Torre) and 13 (Torre - Lagoa Comprida) and, at 06:15, traffic was cut off on sections 1 (Portela do Arão - Lagoa Comprida) and 2 (Lagoa Comprida - Sabugueiro).

The same source said, at 08:45, that "at the moment there is no forecast" for the reopening of the road sections.

The districts of Lisbon and Setúbal, Guarda, Faro, Beja and Castelo Branco are under yellow warning this Wednesday due to the forecast of heavy showers and snowfall in the highlands.

The institute underlined that snow could accumulate above a thousand meters in height, reaching five centimetres in the Torre da Serra da Estrela.