"Until October 31, 40,529 new companies were created in Portugal, a record 16% higher than last year and which is already only 4% behind 2019", said the company in a statement, adding that "the transport sector continues with very strong growth in the creation of new companies, with 1,934 more than in 2021, which corresponds to an increase of 123%".

According to the same consultancy firm and reported by NM, "the numbers relating to the closure of companies do not show a defined trend. Until October 31, 10,078 companies closed, 30 more closures than in the same period last year and which correspond to a negligible growth of 0.3%", and "the retail sector, in addition to being the one with most declines in the number of new companies, is also the one that contributes the most to the growth in the number of closures, with an increase of 7.7% in this sector".