According to a report by idealista, around 21% of homes purchased in December were listed in less than a week. 15% were on the market between two weeks and a month, 21% between one and three months, 34% between three months and a year, and 9% more than a year.

Analysing the "express sales" of houses - that is, residential properties that are sold in less than a week, taking into account the length of time the advertisements remain - by district capital, it is in Coimbra that we find a higher percentage, 35% of houses are sold during this period. This is followed by Vila Real (27%), Évora (27%), Porto (23%), and Funchal (21%). Below the national average is Aveiro (19%), Setúbal (18%), Braga (18%), Leiria (18%), Faro (16%), Viana do Castelo (12%), Lisbon (12% ), Beja (12%), Santarém (11%), Viseu (10%) and Castelo Branco (8%).

The district capitals where the least “express sales” of houses were recorded were Ponta Delgada, Portalegre, and Bragança, where only 7% of transactions took place in less than seven days in December. In Guarda, no house was sold during this period.