We have a solid vetting strategy in place thanks to our communication with more than 25 funds. Here is a brief overview with some major takeaways.

How To Choose the Right Fund: Seven Questions To Ask

  • What Is the Focus Area of the Fund?

Is the fund you’re interested in primarily focused on real estate? If so, does it target any specific regions? Is it concentrating on start-ups? What is the stage of funding for those startup companies? Make certain that you get clear answers to all of these questions.

  • What Are the Expected Returns and Commitments?

This is yet another critical aspect of vetting a fund. Will you receive annual dividends? How much money is the fund attempting to raise? Is the fund's expected Internal Rate of Return (IRR) stated clearly? Uncertain answers or figures are red flags.

  • What Fees Will You Be Expected To Pay?

We've noticed that this question is frequently overlooked. However, knowing the fees ahead of time is critical because there may be some hidden fees that you are unaware of. Don't be afraid to ask about all of the fees, such as the subscription fee and the annual management fee. Inquire about the performance fee that the fund manager will charge at the exit.

  • What About Risk Diversification and Exit Planning?

These are some of the other questions that your Portugal Golden Visa fund should be able to answer. Inquire whether it has a balanced portfolio and risk diversification. What is the company's exit strategy? We recommend that you ask your independent fund advisor for a detailed explanation.

  • What Is the Timeline?

As an investor, you need to know how long your money will be locked in. There are some important dates to remember, such as the CMVM registration deadline, the end of the subscription period, and the fund's closure. Learn everything you can about these during the vetting process.

Also, inquire whether the fund manager anticipates any potential extension period. You can also inquire about the amount of capital raised thus far. This will assist you in determining whether the target capital and subscription period are compatible.

  • Who Are the Fund Managers?

Fund investing differs from real estate investing in that you must rely on someone else: your fund manager and advisors. Before investing large sums of money, it is critical to inquire about them.

Real estate developers are sometimes behind the funds, attempting to stuff the fund portfolio with their own properties. They do this in order to liquidate those properties with funds raised from investors. This is acceptable as long as it fits into the fund's strategy. It is, however, something you should be aware of.

  • Does Your Fund Manager Share Your Incentives?

It is reasonable for the fund manager to receive a performance fee at the exit, which is a percentage of the potential profit. This is fine because it provides a good incentive for the manager to maximize profits.

However, it's a good idea to inquire whether the fund manager or advisors are also investors in that fund. They don't have to, but it's a strong vote of confidence when they demonstrate an openness to both risks and rewards.

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