In the 14th edition of the Mesa Marcada awards, the best in the categories of restaurants and chefs in 2022 are, for the first time, from outside Lisbon: “Ocean”, in Porches (Algarve), and Vasco Coelho dos Santos, from “Euskalduna”, in Porto.

This result marks the end of six years of dominance by “Feitoria” (one Michelin star, Lisbon) and João Rodrigues in both categories, after the chef left, in April last year.

The complete list of the “10 Favourites of Mesa Marcada” includes 380 restaurants and 268 chefs, and was determined through the voting of a jury made up of journalists, bloggers, gourmets, chefs, and other professions in the sector, with a total of 235 voters, which, according to the organization, “constitutes one of the largest participations ever”.

In the category of restaurants, the list of “10 Favourites of Mesa Marcada” follows with “Euskalduna”; “Prado” (Lisbon); “Belcanto” (two stars, Lisbon); “Alma” (two stars, Lisbon); “The Yeatman” (two stars, Vila Nova de Gaia); “Ó Balcão” (Santarém); “Fifty Seconds” (a star, Lisbon); “Cura” (one star, Lisbon) and “Essencial” (Lisbon).

As for chefs, the list of the “10 Favourites” also includes José Avillez (“Belcanto”, two stars, and “Encanto”, one star, in Lisbon, and “Tasca”, one star, in Dubai); Hans Neuner (“Ocean,” two star, Porches); João Rodrigues (“Materia Project”); António Galapito (“Prado”); Henrique Sá Pessoa (“Alma”, two stars, Lisbon); Marlene Vieira (“Marlene”, Lisbon); Alexandre Silva (“Loco”, a star, Lisbon); Ricardo Costa (“The Yeatman”, two stars, Gaia) and Filipe Carvalho (“Fifty Seconds”, one star, Lisbon).

Based on the same vote, the vegetarian restaurant “Seiva” (Liça da Palmeira), by David F. Jesus, climbed 103 positions to 14th, deserving the Estrella Damm Highlight of the Year Special Award.