The reality we are currently experiencing is the result of a blending of the prevailing astrology woven with our individual and collective energy. Astrology gives us energetic architecture, but we can express that at very different frequencies, love or hate, happiness or fear for as examples - it is really up to us. Astrology gives us the pattern, but our consciousness defines the frequency. The more positive we are the higher our frequency is.

If we are broadcasting love, peace, joy, gratitude, and appreciation, our individual and collective experience will be very different than if we are broadcasting fear, hate, aggression mistrust and resentment. Our frequency acts as a feedback loop; if we are in fear we will keep recycling fearful experiences, and equally, if we are in joy they will keep rebounding to us. Until we really understand this we think our reality is being imposed upon us by some external force, but we are in charge of the controls and the fuel (energy). We are creating the chessboard and how it plays out, but it is hard for us to see this perspective if we are fully immersed in our daily experiences.

One of the great benefits of shifting to an eagle’s perch or observer position we can start to get a bigger perspective on how this is playing out. We may more objectively see how our own behaviour brings in certain experiences and if we modify that behaviour how it changes the result. For instance, try sending love to a challenging relationship - almost as an experiment - and just watch to see if it changes the dynamics. We are in charge of the game individually and collectively.

Step into your power

If you are in fear it seems insurmountable to get out of this repeating loop. However, once you can achieve some perspective on how this works, you are stepping into your power in a much greater way.

The Full Moon at 16°40’ Leo gives us a wonderful boost of positivity. It happens on February 5th. This is the 5th Full Moon of seven in a row at 16° of its sign. Remember that the 16th card in the Tarot is The Tower, and we are absolutely at a tower moment for humanity. We are entering over the coming months and years the biggest evolutionary jump for humanity ever.

Leo energy is Fixed Fire, with a love of life, a warmth and creativity. Pride in behaviour is strong here as honesty and integrity are natural expressions of this sign, and so is leadership. Can you be a leader in your life, whatever your role in the world? Can you set your standards high so that you always deliver against them?

For those of you who have your Sun in Aries (or Moon or Ascendant) you are likely to see some success, recognition or expansion in your life between now and May, and make the most of this. From then on until the end of the year, people with their Sun (or Moon or Ascendant) in Taurus will be likely to feel those benefits. Go back 12 years and see what expansion was taking place for you then to get an idea of how this may work this time around again.

On February 19th we also have a New SuperMoon at 1°21’ Pisces. This is the fourth New Moon in a row of five at 1° of its sign, and a SuperMoon means that the Moon is much closer in its orbit to the Earth. This whole period is emphasising a whole new episode for humanity in so many ways.

Pisces energy can be quite hermit-like, so this is encouraging us to go within in the midst of all the external drama, to find stillness and peace. Once we can do this we are more likely to find it in our daily reality.

March is a huge month in terms of energy and consciousness shifts so take time to rest and recharge in February.

Blessings to you all.

About Pam Gregory

Pam Gregory has been involved with astrology for over 45 years and runs a very busy astrology practice. She has a popular YouTube channel with updates and interviews and is the author of two best-selling books, You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? and How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe. Pam offers several teaching videos available from her website and also writes a long monthly newsletter.

She is no longer doing client work as she is focused on helping the collective through this huge spiritual transformation. As well as YouTube you’ll find her on Unifyd, MeWe, and Facebook with regular astrology updates.