According to G1, which cites the Civil Police, hotel staff explained that the 73-year-old woman worked there between 1990 and 2000 and that she currently lived in a room underground.

The woman had not been seen by her family, who live in Cachoeirinha, about 117 km from where she was, since 1979. However, the disappearance was only recorded in 2021, by a niece, following a campaign to identify missing people.

"The lady would have moved away from the family in 1979, due to some disagreement, something that is not well clarified. Since then, the family has not heard from her", said a police source, according to the Brazilian website.

The Civil Police arrived at the woman after several reports reported that she was in the hotel. Authorities have now opened an investigation to determine whether the elderly woman was the victim of mistreatment, since the space where she was had no natural light and the bathroom was not close by.