easyJet nimmt die Route von Newcastle nach Faro wieder auf

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Die Billigfluggesellschaft easyJet wird die Route von Newcastle nach Faro wieder aufnehmen, die ab dem 19. Juli 2021 bis zu dreimal wöchentlich bedient wird.

EasyJet saw bookings in the UK rise hours after the British government revealed which destinations will initially be on the “green list” for travel this summer.

José Lopes, General Director of easyJet for Portugal, said: “We welcome the news from the UK and look forward to welcoming British tourists on board again this summer. We are working to make more seats available on our routes between the UK and Portugal in order to respond to increased demand. EasyJet continues to appeal to the Portuguese government to abandon the limitation of essential travel, reopen the country to tourism and allow European and British citizens to plan their summer holidays in Portugal to support the recovery of the national economy.

“We are delighted to relaunch flights between Newcastle and Faro this summer and we want to support the Portuguese economy in its recovery from a determining sector for the country: tourism.

“At the same time, the opening of the Faro base, the third base in Portugal, scheduled for June this year, confirms easyJet’s commitment to Portugal and to sustainable growth in the country and in the European network.

“Now, more than ever, flexibility is crucial for our customers, so with our enhanced flexibility policy, we hope to offer peace of mind to customers, knowing that if they are unable to travel or their plans are changed, their reservations can also be adjusted . ”

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