“Until May 23, 132,162 vaccines against covid-19 have been administered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira since December 31, 2020”, reads the information released by the Secretary of Health's office.

The previous bulletin, published on 16 May, on the vaccination process indicated that 122,216 people had been inoculated.

Of the total vaccines administered (132,162), 90,436 correspond to the administration of the first dose and 41,726 were second doses of the vaccine.

"This means that 16.4% of the resident population already has a complete vaccination and 35.6% a single dose of the vaccine".

In the week under analysis, 9,936 vaccines were administered, of which 2,326 were first doses and 7,610 second doses of vaccine.

During this week "vaccination against covid-19 will continue throughout the region, with emphasis on the administration of first and second doses of the vaccine to people residing in Porto Santo, on 28 and 29 May".