André Ventura said that Chega will “support the end of mandatory measures such as the use of mandatory masks”.

According to the party leader, Chega "will fight for this measure never to happen again in Portugal".

Ventura stressed that the party “always voted against” voted the use of masks in the street, considering it a “disproportionate measure”.

“This measure of mandatory street mask wearing never made sense. Except, and that's what made sense, when there were agglomerations that justified it,” he pointed out.

The deputy in the Assembly of the Republic said it was “time to open up the country”, stressing that the restrictive measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic are causing Portugal to lose tourism to other destinations.

“It's time to open the country, with caution, with consideration, with reasonable measures, such as the use of masks inside some places, such as the promotion of distance rules. This makes sense.” he said.

He added: "Coronavirus will not disappear in November or December, we will have to get used to living with it, but this is no in closing everything down every time things start to go a little worse."