We learned that not only has the Pentagon been investigating the UFO phenomena for decades in secret, but according to insiders such as Lue Elizondo, who ran the investigation for four years, they have troves of compelling evidence for extraterrestrial life. And we’re not talking about a few dead microbe fossils on a distant planet, we’re talking about video recordings of literal flying saucers and glowing orbs doing impossible things. Unfortunately, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. After 70 years the Pentagon still hasn’t learned to share.

According to the 25 June 2021 Preliminary Assessment: Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, “most of the UAP reported probably do represent physical objects.” The report reviewed cases between 2004 and 2021 and found 144 unexplained events. Only one could be adequately identified as a weather balloon. 80 of those events were recorded on multiple sensors. Having multiple viewpoints of a UAP is very powerful because multiple sensors rule out many possibilities such as lens flare, human error, and optical illusions.

Although this is the first time the US Government has acknowledged the existence of UFOs, they aren’t giving up the information freely. According to Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett, we are seeing déjà vu of the many government UFO cover ups from the past.

In a December 2nd interview with TMZ YouTube channel Rep Burchett said, “The pentagon has valiantly decided they are going to take over all the research on the UFO phenomena, but it’s totally bogus…they yanked the rug from us, they don’t think we’re prepared…the military industrial complex and the rest of those clowns, they fully know what they’re doing, and they’re gonna keep it secret from us.”

Congressman Tim Burchett

Rep Burchett is referring to the battle for Disclosure which is currently raging in the back halls of power in DC. The stigma against UFOs is very real and very rampant. Although anecdotal accounts estimate 1 in 8 people have experienced a UFO, most will not talk about it for fear of reprisal. The 25 June report even has a highlighted section titled UAP Collection Challenges. It starts with “Sociocultural stigmas….”

But that stigma is quickly falling away as more and more evidence comes to light.

What do they not want us to know?

“That’s a good question,” answered Rep Burchett.

“I’ve got a theory about that…could you imagine if this world was focused on one issue, looking at something like that we could all come together on something? It would disrupt the whole military industrial, the religious industrial complex, all down the line. It would just disrupt that whole chain. They don’t want it. They want control, they want secrets, they want it compartmentalized. I mean they won’t even release the Kennedy files and who the heck is alive after that?”

Times are different. Not only is the stigma falling away but we now have congressmen and women focused on wrestling control of this issue away from the closed, compartmentalized militaries of the world.

“It needs to be independent, there needs to be congressional oversight, and the public needs to see it…there doesn’t need to be any double secret meetings.”

Exactly Mr. Congressman. So far after 70 years, double-secret meetings have gotten us literally nowhere with the UFO phenomena. In 1952 we had radar hits, fighter intercepts, and videos of all types of UFOs. Today, we have radar hits, fighter intercepts, and videos of all types of UFOs. We still “don’t know what they are or why they’re here.” Maybe it’s time to try something different.


Chris Lehto, ex-F-16 pilot, and YouTuber, combines aviation expertise and passion for the unexplained to investigate UAPs. He founded the UAP Society, funding decentralised research into alien existence using NFTs.

Chris Lehto