The AML, which is the transport authority, reveals that it has taken the decision to maintain the 2022 values of the occasional Carris Metropolitana tickets to, among other objectives, promote the use of collective public transport throughout the region.

This decision takes place “even taking into account that the Tariff Update Rate allowed by the Mobility and Transport Authority for occasional transport tickets (tickets) in 2023 is 6.11%, and that the same rate will be applied, with great probability, in most of the country”, stressed the AML.

The prices of occasional tickets depend on the areas travelled by the passenger and the "Navegante" passes vary between 30 euros, in the case of trips within the same municipality, up to 40 euros, in the case of trips between municipalities, according to the tariff available at https: //

Carris Metropolitana manages the municipal networks of 15 of the 18 municipalities (since everything remains as it is within the municipalities of Barreiro, Cascais and Lisbon) and the entire intermunicipal operation of the 18 metropolitan municipalities.