Our programme for the first two months of 2023 is as follows:

Sunday 15 January 16:00 at Quintinha da Música with Trio Aeturnus (Alex Stewart, Varoujan Bartikian, Lucjan Luc).

Our January programme begins with the piano trio on Sunday 15th January. Some time ago, the Association helped Trio Aeturnus in the recording of their CD, The Komitas Legacy, Armenian Piano Trios. This concert is the way in which the Trio will launch their CD here in the Algarve. In their programme, the Trio will perform Six Armenian Miniatures by Komitas, arranged by Varoujan Bartikian; Piano Trio in F sharp minor by Arno Babajanian; and Piano Trio in G minor by Bedrich Smetana. Our concert tickets are at €25, and are available from Peter at peterbooker1347@gmail.com

The Uses and Abuses of History on Friday 27 January 11:00 at Tavira Library and Tuesday 31 January at 18:00 at Lagoa Library.

On 27th and 31st of January, Peter will present a more philosophical talk on The Uses and Abuses of History. History is useful when it is used properly, to understand why we think and react in certain ways. But it is also susceptible to manipulation and distortion. Nationalists tell false or one-sided stories about the past, while dictators suppress history because it undermines their claims of omniscience and authority. Taking lessons from the past can also be problematic – there are too many lessons, enough to suit every need. We remind you that our presentations are free to attend.