According to Notícias ao Minuto, consulting the main online accommodation booking platforms, it is possible to verify that, in Lisbon, there are still a few thousand accommodations available, with prices between 189 euros per person, from 31 July to 7 August, in a mixed dormitory with four bunk beds and shared bathroom, up to 1,800 euros for a two-bedroom apartment.

On the outskirts of the city, the price per adult, per week, for a two-bedroom apartment in Almada, in the Setúbal district, can exceed 3,000 euros, while a double or 'twin' room in a four-star hotel in Santa Iria de Azoia, in the municipality of Loures and at a driving distance of almost 20 kilometers (km) from Lisbon, can cost over 1,700 euros.

On social networks, there are even advertisements circulating from those who ask for 2,000 euros a night for a room next to the WYD site.

In Fátima, where there is less accommodation available, renting a three-bedroom apartment for those days could cost around 8,000 euros. The same apartment the week before, with the same filters, costs less than 1,800 euros.

Hotels in the capital are currently charging prices between around 900 euros (two stars) and approximately 7,000 euros (five stars), for that week, similar to those charged the previous week.

Returning to Fátima, where Pope Francis is scheduled to visit, the cheapest search on the website, for an adult, during the week of WYD, has a price of 335 euros, in a bunk bed, in a mixed dormitory, with shared bathroom, in a guesthouse a five-minute walk from the Sanctuary.

It is also possible to book a double or 'twin' room in a two-star hotel, close to the center of Fátima, for 1,900 euros. In a four-star hotel, also close to the center, prices can reach almost 6,000 euros for the whole week.

On Trivago, another accommodation reservation platform, there are only seven accommodations available in Fátima and prices vary between 708 euros per week, in a three-bedroom accommodation, and 5,810 euros in a four-star hotel.

The World Youth Day, considered the biggest event of the Catholic Church, will take place this year in Lisbon, between 01 and 06 August, with around 1.5 million people expected to attend.

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