The Ageas Portugal Group have shared, in a statement sent to Notícias ao Minuto, ten practical tips that can help prevent damp in homes.

  • 1. Open the windows daily for at least half an hour, especially at times of greater sun exposure so as not to compromise heating;
  • 2. Evaluate the necessary improvements at home, for example, requesting an energy certificate – which will identify the works that must be carried out (for example, replacing window frames, covering ceilings and walls);
  • 3. Turn on the extractor fan while cooking;
  • 4. Avoid hanging clothes indoors;
  • 5. Pull the bedding back, to breathe before making it again, thus minimising the appearance of mites and bacteria;
  • 6. Choose to use a dehumidifier, if justified;
  • 7. Apply varnish on raw wood surfaces, to waterproof it and prevent the creation of mould;
  • 8. Look, if possible with the help of an expert, for cracks and possible leaks in pipes;
  • 9. Clean the mould, if it already exists, with specific cleaning products, or with water with bleach;

  • 10. If it turns out that the problem originates from common parts of the building, you may have to contact the condominium.