A new law that regulates the Basic Housing Law, published on 3 November, will regulate housing advertisements, guarantee the protection of consumers in situations of housing need and also the supervision of housing conditions.

Advertising a rental

From now on, rental advertisements promoted by real estate companies must mention the habitation license number or authorisation to use the property, including the number of bedrooms and the useful area size, and as advertising entities they also have to delete any advertisement that has been published without the indication of these elements.

Anyone who does not comply with these new requirements may be subjected to a fine of a maximum value of €3,740 (for individuals) and €44,890 (for companies).

Protection of consumers in housing need

The new law also increases the concept of housing needs, considering as people in housing need anyone who does not own a property or those who are at risk of losing a proper house.

This law also states that the several State entities and municipalities must work together to resolve the situations of people in housing need, in order to provide answers for permanent or temporary housing, according to the specific situation of each person.


That legal document also expands the inspection powers of Instituto da Habitação e da Reabilitação Urbana (IHRU) with regard to property rental. However, this activity will be subjected to an ordinance that will be approved within 30 days.

What concerns DECO?

DECO considers that the approval of this bill is indeed a step forward in order to ensure greater balance in the housing market.

However, DECO believes that it is not enough, as there is still much more to do in this sector, specifically, the development of policies ensuring: universal access to housing; a law reinforcement aimed at promoting the balance of relationships between tenants and landlords; greater inspection of the rental market in terms of contracts; measures that guarantee the quality of life of owners and tenants through rehabilitation programmes and building works in their homes, in order to combat energy poverty, etc

How to count on DECO?

Several consumers contact DECO's Consumer Support Office with queries related to habitation, rents and condominiums, “so the association keeps watching the evolution and implementation of measures related to the sector very closely”.

In case of doubt or if you need DECO's support, you can get in touch by emailing deco@deco.pt or through their WhatsApp number (+351) 966 449 110.


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Paula Martins