In a situation report made at 07:00, the national commander of the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), André Fernandes, warned of the strong traffic constraints in and to Lisbon.

The national commander André Fernandes acknowledged that "it will not be easy" to normalise the situation, because although during the morning a reduction in precipitation is expected, later it will intensify again, with more heavy rain forecast.

“Today is going to be complicated”, admitted André Fernandes, who indicated that, in the Lisbon district alone, there were 21 occurrences during the night, until 06:00.

Access to Lisbon is currently “quite conditioned”, with occasional cuts on roads such as the IC19, IC20, or the CRIL (Regular Regional Internal de Lisboa).

The commander underlined the work of the municipal civil protection services, firefighters, and PSP, insisting that the response on the ground is "strong and robust" and that all means are "in immediate readiness" for eventual reinforcement, if necessary.